About Us
FreeCST, was started on December 6, 2015, we want to help educate people about the numerous security threats, and how to protect their self online and offline from cyber security attacks. There are many web sites out there, that teach cyber security but sadly, they can be very overwhelming, to the non tech savvy users. We want to teach people at an entry level so that anyone can understand, we will show you step by step techniques, hackers use every day, for breaching Computer Systems.
Matthew Knight

Matthew Knight Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Knight currently is the soul of the operation at FreeCST he hopes in the near future more people will join the FreeCST Team!


Sean OHara Video Producer

Sean OHara operates Lucky PC solutions and also believes in keeping information free.

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Recruiting Talent

FreeCST currently has openings for anyone interested in making videos that are voice narration, You're welcome to host the videos on your own YouTube channel if you wish or you can give FreeCST permission to use your video our the YouTube.com/freecst channel. Use the Contact page if you would like to help out!