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FreeCST Phone number: 239-900-7519

Please note that all calls are recorded and will be available for public viewing, any calls requesting help with aiding you in committing a crime will be considered a "bait" call and you be subject to being laughed at.

The FreeCST phone line is strictly, ethical or business related however all calls are welcome anytime!

Phone hours are normally, Sunday-Saturday: 12PM-5AM.

Unable to reach FreeCST by phone? No problem likely away at the time try back at another time or send an email using the form below!

[NOTICE] It has come to our attention that we've offended some unknown "Entities" and our spoofing the above number and calling random people, and the caller id will show-up with our phone number, please beware we will never call you, unless we're contacted by you.

For more information on call spoofing please check out Caller ID Spoofing

Blocked and Unknown caller ID's are not answered, chances are we will rarely answer random calls, Leave Voice mail with contact information.

Page last updated: November 4th 2017 - 02:13AM EST.